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Mustard Oil: The Seasonal Superfood for Winter Health

Authored by Mr Shammi Agarwal, Director Pansari Group

During winter eating nourishing foods is extremely important as they provide warmth and support the overall well-being. And one such seasonal superfood that is highly nourishing and effective and is present in every Indian kitchen is Mustard oil aka ‘sarso ka te’. Problems like cold, flu, viral fever, skin rashes, etc are very common during winters and using mustard oil daily not only relieves you from these seasonal illnesses but also provides relief from some serious diseases. Mustard oil is more than just a cooking ingredient, it is a powerhouse of nutrients that offers numerous health benefits during the winter months.

What Makes Mustard Oil the Most Favoured Indian Kitchen Ingredient? 

Mustard oil is derived from the mustard plant’s seeds, also known as Brassica juncea. It is known for its good source of vitamins and antioxidants, which help manage blood and sugar levels and boost overall energy. Further stating the significance of mustard oil, Mr Shammi Agarwal, Director of Pansari Group will express his insights on how Oreal Cold-Pressed Mustard (Sarso) Oil from the house of Pansari can keep an individual’s heart healthy, making it an ideal superfood during winter.

For decades, Mustard oil has been a versatile and emerging choice for every Indian kitchen. From boosting the immune system to alleviating respiratory issues, aiding digestion, and providing relief from joint pain, this cold-pressed mustard oil is a natural stimulant that stimulates sweat glands and boosts blood circulation throughout the body. This is highly beneficial against the challenges that the winter season brings, as it eliminates toxins and enhances blood flow in the whole body. Apart from the numerous health benefits, mustard oil brings a distinctive and fiery pungent aromatic taste to winter dishes, making it a quintessential part of cold-weather culinary adventures. 

As the temperatures drop, the desire for heartwarming stews and curries increases. From steaming hot curries to comforting stir-fries, mustard oil elevates the taste of winter meals to new heights. Be it boosting immunity, getting glowing skin or keeping a healthy heart, Oreal cold-pressed mustard oil from the house of Pansari is an ideal deal which makes it worth buying. Additionally, Mustard oil is rich in monosaturated fatty acid which makes it good for the heart and also helps in managing cholesterol and improves blood circulation. It further stimulates the digestive tract and helps to produce more digestive juices, blocks microbial growth, stimulates the release of bile, and aids food movement through the digestive system, leading to keeping your digestive system in perfect health.  

Why is Mustard Oil Considered a Superfood During Winter?

From its unique nutritional profile to its ability to enhance winter-specific health challenges, mustard oil has over the years earned its reputation as a winter superfood. Winter is one of the prime seasons when most people suffer from heart attacks. Research suggests that during winter chances of heart attack increase by (31-33)%. Therefore, using mustard oil in food can be highly beneficial. A recent study suggests that mustard oil reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 70% when used in moderation. Mustard oil is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which helps in maintaining a good and healthy heart. So consuming moderate amounts of mustard oil in the winter diet can be a heart-healthy choice. 

Additionally, mustard oil contains warming properties which makes it ideal for consumption during winters. The warmth imparted by the oil is thought to improve blood circulation and keep the body comfortably insulated from the chill. In winter, when the risk of infections is higher, consuming a moderate amount of mustard oil in your diet daily can offer a natural layer of protection against respiratory and digestive ailments. This makes it a valuable addition to the winter diet especially for those who are prone to respiratory issues during winters. 

In short, mustard oil is not just a health-conscious choice, it’s a culinary hero that brings winter dishes to life. Its strong and delicious flavour and its versatility in cooking enhance the essence of this ingredient, making it a must-have in every kitchen during winter. 

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