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Limited Edition Hendrick’s Flora Adora: buzzing with forbidden floral pleasure now available in India

Hendrick’s Gin, the super-premium gin from Scotland, announced the launch of its botanical infused variant, FLORA ADORA. The limited-release from Hendrick’s Cabinet of Curiosities, Flora Adora has been crafted in small batches at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace on the rugged Ayrshire coast of Southwest Scotland.

Inspired by the floral bouquet that most entice our nectar loving friends to pollinate our precious ecosystem, Hendrick’s FLORA ADORA is crafted from a refreshingly floral infusion.The gin features an enticing aroma of enchanting flowers, and a fresh herbal character, that is classically Hendrick’s in style. The juniper and coriander backbone is lengthened by lush green and wonderfully sweet floral characteristics.

Perfect for both milestone occasions or casual get-togethers, Hendrick’s FLORA ADORA is buzzing with an enticing aroma of enchanting flowers and a fresh, herbal character that is classically Hendrick’s in style. The gin is best enjoyed with tonic and a slice of cucumber or mixed long in a Wildgarden Cup – a medley of fresh mint, cooling cucumber and juicy raspberries lengthened with a refreshing lemon soda.

Lesley Gracie, Hendrick’s Master Distiller, comments: “I find it really relaxing to watch the butterflies and bees busy at work in the garden. It’s fascinating to me how they seem to settle on some plants more than others. Certain flowers are more enticing to the pollinators and it’s these blooms that I’ve used to create a botanical blend for Hendrick’s FLORA ADORA.”

Ally Martin, Hendrick’s Global Ambassador, adds: “The Hendrick’s Gin Palace is Lesley’s playground and inspiration. When it first opened, Lesley scattered wildflower seeds on the ground to transform her surroundings, as different flowers come to life at different times of the year. It never stands still, and neither does Lesley. Lesley has crafted a beguilingly distinct and refreshingly floral infusion by carefully selecting only the flowers most adored by our nectar loving flying friends. The signature rose really comes in at the end in a pronounced, very Hendrick’s, way.”

Ecstatic on the reveal, Sachin Mehta, Country Director at William Grant & Sons India, said, “After a resounding success of the limited-edition Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin, we are thrilled to announce yet another addition from the Cabinet of Curiosities – the limited-edition Hendrick’s FLORA ADORA. This delightful creation epitomizes our dedication to redefining the art of gin-making and giving our consumers the power of choice within the Hendrick’s portfolio. Each sip guarantees an enduring sensory journey, inviting gin enthusiasts to savor the exquisite flavours.”

The bottle adds a visual allure that captivates the eye. With its carnation pink label and eye-catching butterfly motif, the bottle itself is a collector’s item. Embrace the enchanting nature of the garden and its floral bouquet with Hendrick’s FLORA ADORA, currently available in select markets – Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Goa.

For further information please visit www.hendricksgin.com/hendricks-flora-adora 

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