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Mr. Tamal Chatterjee, Vice President, Marketing, Sid’s Farm

Sid’s Farm is renowned for its commitment to providing pure, healthy dairy products while empowering local farmers and communities. In our conversation, Mr. Tamal discusses the diverse range of dairy products they offer, including milk, ghee, butter, curd, paneer, buttermilk, and lassi, and what makes their products stand out in the competitive dairy market. He also shares the rigorous testing processes and state-of-the-art laboratory that ensure the purity and quality of their products, their strategies for maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene, and their plans for future expansion and innovation.

Can you provide an overview of Sid’s Farm and its range of dairy products? What makes your products stand out in the dairy market?

At Sid’s Farm, we’re not just another dairy company; we’re driven by a passion to provide you with pure, healthy dairy products while empowering local farmers and communities. We offer a diverse range of fresh, ethically sourced dairy essentials, catering to a variety of dietary preferences and taste buds. We deliver a variety of milk options to suit every household’s needs, be it skim milk, whole buffalo’s milk, whole cow’s milk, double toned buffalo milk. cow’s ghee, cow’s butter, buffalo’s butter (salted and unsalted), buffalo’s ghee (salted and unsalted), cow’s curd, buffalo’s curd, paneer, doodh peda, buttermilk and lassi. Paneer; Butter and Ghee are also amongst our top selling products.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and transparency. We prioritize the well-being of our cows, ensuring they are raised in a stress-free environment with a natural diet. This translates to richer, better-tasting milk and a higher standard of animal welfare. We also maintain complete traceability through our supply chain, allowing you to see exactly where your milk comes from and how it’s processed.

How do you ensure the purity and quality of your milk products? Can you explain the testing process and the role of your state-of-the-art laboratory?

Purity and quality are paramount at Sid’s Farm; we take immense pride in our state-of-the-art laboratory, staffed by experienced food scientists and equipped with cutting-edge technology. This allows us to conduct nearly 10,000 daily milk tests across 3 levels, ensuring every product meets the strictest safety and quality parameters. These tests cover a wide range of factors, includinag thickeners, preservatives, synthetic hormones, antibiotic residues, milk fat content, and microbial count.

Furthermore, our laboratory employs advanced techniques to detect adulteration and contaminants, guaranteeing the authenticity and purity of our dairy products. We believe transparency is key. Our testing results are readily available on our quality portal – www.quality.sidsfarm.com, fostering trust and confidence in our commitment to providing only the best for our customers. We even disclose the number of litres of milk we had to reject, with reasons.

What measures are taken to ensure that your milk and milk products meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene? How does your testing regimen contribute to maintaining these standards?

We adhere to stringent regulations and employ rigorous protocols throughout our supply chain, from farmsa to table. Our farms maintain the highest standards of hygiene, with regular cleaning and disinfection procedures in place. We also invest in training and education for our farmers on best practices for milking, storage, and transportation to minimize contamination risks.
Our state-of-the-art processing facilities utilize advanced technology and automated systems to ensure minimal human intervention and a consistently hygienic environment. Additionally, our extensive testing regimen plays a crucial role. These regular tests not only detect potential issues but also allow for preventive measures to be implemented, ensuring our milk and dairy products consistently meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Sid’s Farm works with over 2,500 farmers. How do you promote sustainable dairy farming practices and support the farmers you work with?

Working with close to 4,000 farmers now is central to our mission. We believe in empowering them and fostering sustainable dairy farming practices. We achieve this through a multi-pronged approach. Firstly, we offer fair pricing for milk, ensuring our farmers receive a living wage and are incentivized to invest in quality production methods. Additionally, we provide them with veterinary services, including early mastitis detection and others, to improve herd health and productivity.

Furthermore, we promote sustainable practices by educating farmers on responsible water usage, waste management techniques, and the benefits of using natural, chemical-free feed for their cows. We also implement low-cost Azolla ponds for nitrogen fixation along with provision of natural protein rich feed and explore the use of tree fodders to minimize environmental impact. Through these initiatives, we build a strong partnership with our farmers, ensuring a secure livelihood for them and a sustainable future for the dairy industry.

With many competitors in the dairy industry, what strategies does Sid’s Farm employ to stay ahead? What role does innovation and quality control play in maintaining your competitive edge?

In a competitive market, Sid’s Farm differentiates itself through a relentless focus on innovation and quality control. We continuously strive to improve our products and processes through research and development. This includes exploring new technologies for enhanced milk processing, product diversification, and packaging solutions. For example, we’re currently exploring the use of blockchain technology to further enhance supply chain transparency.

However, innovation without unwavering quality control is meaningless. Our stringent testing protocols and state-of-the-art laboratory ensure consistent product quality. We invest heavily in quality control measures, from farm-level collection to processing and packaging, to ensure every product that reaches our customers meets our exacting standards. This commitment to quality, coupled with a spirit of innovation, is what allows us to maintain our competitive edge and establish ourselves as a leader in the Indian dairy industry.

What are Sid’s Farm’s plans for further expansion and innovation? How do you plan to continue providing pure and healthy dairy products to more customers?

We’re expanding our reach through partnerships with retailers and online grocers, while exploring new markets with diverse preferences. We are also foraying towards new product lines such as: long shelf life milk, flavoured yogurts, dairy beverages, and single-serve portions – that will cater to health conscious consumers. We are also consistently trying to innovate our packaging and processing activities.

In terms of technology, data analytics will guide product development and marketing to better serve our customers. Real-time tracking systems in the supply chain will ensure efficient delivery. We are aiming to expand and foster closer relationships with customers through personalized recommendations, loyalty programs, and educational content about our products and sustainable farming.

Most importantly we want rising consumer awareness to play a critical role in shaping the industry as a whole. We put a lot of impetus on educating our customers and urging them to question the food they are consuming. We meet over a hundred customers every weekend at our farm and take them through the entire pure and ethical dairying trail, while answering their questions honestly. We firmly believe that customers questioning the food they consume will have an overall positive impact on the industry.

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